What Are The Examples OF Internet Of Things

What Are The Examples OF Internet Of Things

OT referring to the Internet of Things is a modern age, self-automated system that operates beyond computers or smartphones. Simply when we say IOT helps the devices or gadgets to interact with each other that are linked to the internet and are able to monitor themselves. In addition, IOT eliminates labor in bigger industries and saves money. We’ll cover everything about the IoT example in this article and explain how it really functions in depth.

  • Big Data:

Big data is a source of knowledge where all that is present in this world, such as light, wind, sound, temperature and many more, is entirely present in this world. All the information which is called Big Data and which can be used as a source for different IoT apps.

  • Continuous Connectivity:

As described earlier, there is a need for continuous internet connectivity to products or users who can track real-time movement or ongoing operation, manage updates or improvements for certain upgrades, and inspire them to take action based on anonymous situations.

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  • Real-time IoT responses:

IoT have a significant role to play in real-time responses as this requires very quick decisions in tuff situations. For instance, you’re out of your home leaving your gas burner ON, it’s a really dangerous thing, and if you have a fire alarm installed in that specific area then it can detect the scent, heat or smoke from the burner and quickly send a message to the owner indicating the fire alarm and this could stop the accident.

  • Self-automation vehicles:

The new technology now applies to driverless cars, which makes it possible to have fully autonomous vehicles without any human interference which is yet another best IoT example.

  • Activities Tracking:

IoT powered apps are capable of tracking all things that happen around you. We can read your movements in real-time, track your actions, and much more. Such habits will be stored in a form of data in the corresponding apps, such as Google Home app, which will store all of your everyday activities from your favorite genre music to your recent and upcoming travel information and remind you of them.

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All of the above points were the best IoT example which is very important to human needs. IoT’s values are growing day by day and it is a very quick and large industry. We are sure IoT will be a main element of human life in the coming years. We hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a feedback in the comment section below regarding this post. Thanks for having read.


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