How To Find WiFi Password On iPhone

How To Find WiFi Password On iPhone

Wi-Fi passwords are used around the globe to protect their networks without seeing other people’s passwords. Connecting the Iphone to Wi-Fi networks is simpler, and then the Iphone knows the passwords automatically, so that you don’t need to enter manually whenever you use this network. Unlike other Android phones, it doesn’t reveal the Wi-Fi passwords in Iphones. If you want to link some new device to the same Wi-Fi networks or need to share your password with others, in any case? Try our guide on how to find wifi password on iphone.

Find Wi-Fi Password on Iphone via Router Settings:

You can simply go to the Settings app and then check for the Wi-Fi name and passwords afterwards and then press the I logo next to its bar icon. So, in the router tab, copy the IP address, then access the safari browser and paste the IP address in the browser after all this just hit the enter button and the login panel page will open. Login with a default username and password, both will usually be admin. But if that doesn’t fit, the router’s default password can be checked in online. After signing in, go directly to wireless setup or settings to see the Wi-Fi password for your iphone.

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Display Iphone Wi-Fi password on Mac using iCloud Keychain Sync:

Often if you have signed in to the same iCloud account with Iphone, you can suggest using ICloud keychain to synchronize your Iphone’s Wi-Fi passwords with your Mac and display them in the Keychain app. Go to the settings, then to the iCloud and keychain for this to happen in your Iphone. Activate keychain feature over there. Go back to settings and turn the personal hotspot on afterwards. And this is the way to follow in finding how to find wifi password on iphone.

Share Wi-Fi on Iphone:

If the Iphone is running on software iOS 11 or above, you can simply allow other Apple devices to use your networks. It might not be a bad idea to connect a new device to your network if your Iphone system doesn’t find the password. For example, if you want to share your Wi-Fi network with your Friends Ipad, you need to add it to your contact list by saving your name on your phone and entering your friend’s iCloud username and password and then press it. You will be added to your computer on your iCloud account to do this. Switch on the Iphone and Ipad Bluetooth and go to your Ipad friends ‘ settings and to the Wi-Fi anywhere you can share the password.

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