Business Opportunity 
Core started its trade development by forming CSA (Core Surveillance Advisor) in Mumbai in the year 2012. It happened to worked in the favor of "CORE" that after first ever Seminar conducted in Mumbai, "CORE" got Enquiry for franchisee & CSA from different parts of India. The smooth sailing of their trade in the initial phase, intended Core to develop their trade through CSA & Franchisee.

The theory of CSA & Franchisee profits both, company & the bureau (CSA or Franchisee Owner). Hence forth, CORE provides all the best possible solutions & marketing materials to their CSA & FRANCHISEE
CSA (Core Surveillance Advisor)
CSA is starting of your own business as good as Salesperson without any targets. CSA is provided with every mandatory materials required to be termed as sub agency of "CORE".
Franchise (Dealer & Distributor)
An opportunity to grow with the company a CORE Franchisee is a business without worries. Company is already unveil its Franchisee plan and a the franchisees are fast developing across India to become a CORE Franchisee mail to or call on 9821211011
Tender Support
The Company understands the need for Filing the Various tenders that are coming up and Company also understands that the Super Stockiest, Distributors are its face and also known in local Markets . The Super Stockiest, Distributors, Dealers having good local relations but At the same time for bigger projects they might not be able to comply all the requirements This is where our YEWP Scheme comes in As a Company we can Comply with most of the Compliance required for Quoting for a Tender and So to make it simpler and feasible to get the Order The Company Quotes the rate on behalf of Stockiest, Distributors, Dealers 'Our PARTNERS'.
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