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CORE Whistle Blower Policy

CORE Business Principles set high standards of conduct for its employees, contractors and suppliers. The company believes that it is crucial that these principles be followed in order to ensure business success.

1. Purpose, Scope and Guiding Principles

CORE wants to know about any breach or potential breach of its Business Principles, unlawful conduct, any financial malpractice or dangers to the public and the property of the Company or its brand Image, the environment, or to anyone working for CORE, that may be occurring despite the rigorous compliance procedures of the company. CORE employees therefore have a duty to inform promptly if they have any reason to suspect that there has been a breach or potential breach of the Business Principles or any other misconduct from any of its suppliers, vendors, employees or any other person Individual , group of people or any Company. If an issue is raised internally first, and acted upon, it is likely to reduce any damage that may otherwise occur. Reporting of issues will detect and possibly deter any further wrongdoing.

This Policy explains how employees and any other individual or organization should report their concerns to the higher authorities or the Management, Directors to safe guard the Companies interset,This Policy also explains the types of issues that are covered by the Policy and guidance on how individuals can seek assistance when they have a concern.

CORE will not tolerate retaliation against any employee who in good faith seeks advice, raises a concern or reports misconduct.

Responsibility for investigating concerns raised under this Policy rests with the Fraud Reporting officer In Charge, the committee set up to lookn into such matters which includes their directors or any person the company may think fit to investigate the matter who reports to the Audit Committee for this purpose. The Audit Committee has also the responsibility for keeping the Policy under review and amending it as may be necessarily required from time to time.

All concerns raised under the Policy will be monitored to ensure that the company takes appropriate action to redress any issues.

2. Scope

The Whistle Blower Policy applies to all employees of CORE and any employees working for entities and third parties such as contractors and agency workers.

The duty to report concerns applies to all employees of CORE. To fulfill this duty, employees must provide as much information as possible to ensure that a proper investigation can be carried out and must respond to requests for further information as the investigation progresses.

Depending on the terms of their contracts, employees working for entities and third parties such as contractors and agency workers may also have a duty to report concerns under this Policy. Where there is no such contractual obligation.

Third party workers are encouraged to use this Policy and bring their concerns about CORE or anyone acting on our behalf to our attention.

Any other individual or organization such as supplier or family member can also use this Policy to report concerns regarding the conduct of CORE or anyone action on our behalf. Such openness can help information reach the management which may otherwise go unnoticed, for example bribery or exploitation of gifts and hospitality.

3. Raising Concerns – Where to go for help

Line management is the first place for concerns to be raised as managers will generally be closest to the situation and best able to help. If fraud is suspected intimation can be sent to the ADMIN Officer. His/her contact details are:

Admin Controller CORE TECH SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, Phone: 022-65160824 Email: admin@coreworld.in

If a person is unsure about reporting the issue to the Line Manager, Department Head or in the extra ordinary circumstances where a person feels that he/she is not able to communicate his/her concern to the Managing Director, he/she has the option to address his/her concern to the Chairman of CORE Audit Committee. His contact details are: rahul@coreworld.in (all the mails sent will be kept confidential and informant's details will not be divulged).

4. Access to the Audit Committee

Sub Heads of the Audit Committee
Their contact details are:
Mr. Sudhirkumar Dhawadkar : sudhir@coreworld.in and Mr. Yatin Kotkar: yatin@coreworld.in
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