Best Ways To Use Windows 7 Shortcut Keys In a Laptop

Best Ways To Use Windows 7 Shortcut Keys In a Laptop

Windows Operating System is one of the world’s most-used OS. Approximately 75.47 per cent of all device users use Windows Operating System. Windows OS supports the user speed and longevity with a very user friendly interface. But speed doesn’t just mean fast data transfers or Internet speed, it needs the actual use of speed in a simple keyboard transaction. So we’re going to talk about some of the most used shortcut keys in Windows 7 in this post.

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As with recent updates, Windows 7 is very old operating system, but some of the most interesting and useful keyboard shortcuts are still secure for its users. Some people are aware of certain common shortcut keys such as CTRL+C / V / Z / X for cutting, copying, pasting and undoing etc. but there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts that are much more useful than those shortcuts. There are five main command buttons that are most required for any Windows 7 keyboard shortcut and are listed below:

  • Shift Key
  • Ctrl (Control) 
  • Fn (Function)
  • Windows Logo
  • Alt Key

Let us explain some of the shortcut keys in Windows 7 with its work to help you understand better:

  • Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key:

This shortcut key selects a text block if you write something in a notepad or other program document. Surely this will save your time using your mouse and pick the text per line.

  • Ctrl + any arrow key + Space bar:

If you want to pick several items in a window or screen, this shortcut key will allow you to do so without using the mouse and save your time.

  • Alt + Spacebar:

This shortcut key opens the shortcut menu for any active window that you work on. Using the up and down arrow button to further navigate the menu and click the entries to open.

  • Windows logo key + Tab or Alt + Tab:

If you want to turn different programs running on the task bar then pressing this shortcut will move you through various background programs and will also save your time for sure.

  • Ctrl + Tab:

When you’re working in Google Chrome where you’ve opened several tabs then pressing these shortcut keys at the same time will cause you to move various tabs in the browser in question.

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For a worker who has to use his computer everyday and do a lot of jobs then he / she must also save his / her precious time. So, using the shortcut keys in Windows 7 will definitely help save time and manage the device specifications according to your ease of use. We hope this article will help you understand how to use shortcut keys in Windows 7 and look forward to seeing you soon.


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